Phase between dimensions and hide in rifts to avoid enemies and journey through a runic dungeon. What secrets will be uncovered?


For the best experience, download for Windows, or play on Chrome / Firefox
NOTE: If you are experiencing any bugs or are stuck in the rift, press 'R'

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Made for the Brackeys 2020.1 Game Jam in one week.

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- Approach stealthily by using your ability to avoid enemy sight or test your dodging mechanics as you weave around projectiles and kill enemies.
- Plan out your attack strategically or run in headfirst.
- Hide in the rift to and use it to outsmart enemies (unless they've got their eye on you...)

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ItsNotSimon - Programming
 Ren3 - Art
 Lamb Sorce - Music
Enjoy :3
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsItsNotSimon, Ren3
GenreAction, Adventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Stealth, Unity


~ Rift ~ (Windows) 33 MB


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Short but sweet with a very nifty little battle system idea! That's pretty much Rift in a nutshell, but there's more hidden behind the scenes here!

Having the ability to tackle each screen with different methods makes the whole experience much more interesting. I'm very much a "barge in headfirst and attack everything in sight" kinda gamer, and that tactic did work out for me (in the long run). But I was taught that sometimes patience is the best way forward, and learning that particular virtue helped me overcome some of the screens nearer to the end of the game.

The final boss was nice and tough, and took a good few attempts to beat. A little bit of skill mixed with a good dash of luck was required there!

Pretty solid game jam entry, these games always impress me considering how much has to be done to get something like this done in a week! So if you're looking for a quick action/stealth game to pass a quarter of an hour or so then definitely give this one a shot.

  • FOV effect is implemented well (I know it's quite difficult to code)
  • I didn't like it that I have to stop to attack
  • The floor often looks like walls, because of the 'carpet' patron
  • Life hearts are cut off in the web build

this game was very charming and enjoyable. it was a little difficult to get a hang of the controls at first, but that's mostly my fault, due to my twitchy fingers, that cause me to be a little slow with hand-eye coordination. but, I really enjoyed it! the final boss felt a bit rushed, but I'm guessing that was probably due to the jam deadline, so that's understandable. I'm excited to see what else this game might have in store later on! good luck, and fair play to ya!


We we're floored playing Rift! Great work! It's our #7 blog entry!

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I’m glad you enjoyed - thanks for writing such a detailed and kind review! We appreciate it a lot :D

You're quite welcome, best of luck!


I liked the game overall, the last boss was hard... but it's THE LAST boss so that's to be expected. Along as you know the pattern you'll be fine.

*Spoilers in video*

Thanks for completing the game! Love the video you made :D


Overall good game. The gimmicks were well made and the player feels clever when using them. Very, Very impressive for a gamejam game. The one flaw was the final boss. It didn't incorporate the unique mechanics of this game and the instant kill bullets in the last phase were unfair. I think a great way to fix this problem if the rifts would appear in the last stage of the fight. I rate 4/5 stars!

Thank you for your detailed and helpful feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed the first few levels of the game - I would have to agree about the boss room - it was indeed quite rushed due to the time pressure! We’ll definitely tweak and balance the game after the jam :D