A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Make sure audio is enabled for best experience!
You are a malfunctioned robot.  Fight your way out of the laboratory, destroy enemy robots, and recycle their scraps to craft upgrades for yourself to gain new abilities and weaponry.

. . .

Basic Controls

  • Move: WASD 
  • Pick up: Hold R-Click 
  • Shoot :   L-Click

. . .

Made in a week for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2. The theme was "Stronger Together"

. . .

Made by:

  • ItsNotSimon - Programming/3D modelling
  • K4talyst - Music

. . .

Thanks to metricfern for helping design / test. 

. . .

All 3D models, music, sfx etc were made during the jam

Install instructions


  • Unzip/extract files
  • Run Assimulato.exe
  • Enjoy :3
NB. neither macOS nor Linux builds have been tested


Assimulato_Windows_64-bit 72 MB
Assimulato_Windows_32-bit 69 MB
Assimulato_macOS 81 MB
Assimulato_Linux 89 MB


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the concept is very cool, gives off a tron vibe as well i was digging the being weak and building yourself up feeling. I know this is a demo so i'm just sharing my thoughts and opinion, I would like the enemies to be aggressive plus different based on there  area, upgrading mech i love just should be more of it like we should customize where it goes and the robot itself. This is a really good start though! btw you game starts 9 min after a.d.a.c.a


Best game of the jam 10/10

<3 :dorime: :pray: